Point of Sale (POS).

Excellent solution for shops, restaurants and anyone in need of a more automatic sales system. Possibility of connection to online shop.


We will connect you with suppliers of the hardware solutions fitting with our POS system (printers, scanners, computers etc.) 


Our system offers multiple payment solutions such as cash, cards, various currencies, invoicing, gift certificates and more.


You can use our table system, kitchen printing and split payments.


We support Tax Free, barcode scanning and printing, store credits, connections with eCommerce and more.

Other possibilities

Inventory, accounting, dashboards and queries, payroll, English interface, temporary discounts (happy hours etc) and much more! 

Regla is a Cloud-based accounting software that does not require any setup. You can login and start booking right away.

With Regla you will simplify your accounts, connect with banks and make electronic transactions a part of your daily routine, saving a lot of time.

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