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Point Of Sale (POS)

A simple and powerful sale system with real-time updates to the accounting and inventory system, as well as the possibility of connections to online shopping, etc.


A key feature of our Point of Sale (POS) system is its simplicity. Our POS system is designed to streamline your company's operations and offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that simplifies the payment process. With simple menu navigation, quick product scanning and secure payment processing, your staff can easily manage sales and transactions, minimize errors and improve customer service. At the heart of this is 'Simplicity' and our POS system ensures that your business operations are efficient, hassle-free and focused on delivering an exceptional customer experience.

Gott aðgengi og sjálfvirkni

Regla er skýjalausn sem er aðgengileg á netinu, hvar og hvenær sem er. Þú einfaldlega opnar vafrann og skráir þig inn á og byrjar að vinna.

Main functionality

Included in monthly fee for Regla

the following free of charge

  • Service all calls, emails & site visits

  • Courses we have live Zoom courses in finance, sales & payroll systems every 2 months

  • Hosting Regla is a modern cloud solution, one system for all

  • Users anyone can get access to a record to view and no need to share access

  • Turnover % we do not charge % of turnover

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