Terms & Conditions

Regla handles all personal information in a secure and responsible manner. We feel that it is very important that our customers can trust us as well as other individuals and companies that we have connection with.

Regla users will get their password sent by email and are to keep it safely stored and secured. If you are a Regla user you are added to our database for newsletters where we send out updates, new products and other useful information. A user can grant access to a third party to their account, f.x. an accountant that is working on the book keeping or auditors.

Regla is operated based on SaaS (Software as a Service). All data is securely stored with a ISO 27001:2005 certified host. The data is backed up on a regular basis according to standards. Our host partner will make sure we can service our customers and keep any downtime of the software to a minimum. We can not guarantee that there will be no downtime at all as with all software there can be updates or unforeseen errors, however we will always try to avoid this and plan any updates outside of regular working hours.

Regla is not liable for any damages in hardware. If any data is lost due to hardware malfunction Regla will assist in reinstalling any existing copy and assist in correcting any error if possible. Regla is not responsible for the individual use of the software or any consequential damages that may arise from its use. When registering to Regla the user receives a password by email which he is responsible for keeping safe and changing upon first login. 


Regla reserves the right to amend issued prices, but will ensure that all customers are informed of any changes. Prices can be found here.
Payments for the software subscription are due 1 month in advance, paid on the 1st of each month. Late fees are added if invoices are not paid on time.

Cancellation notice is 1 month and effective from the first day of the following month. Data can be stored after subscription has been terminated upon request.

If fees are not being paid for a period of 2 months Regla has the right to close any access to the software subscription until any debt has been paid fully.

These terms & conditions are valid from 1st May 2018. Regla reserves the right to change its terms & conditions but keeping them accessible at all times on the company website.

Should a dispute arise, the parties involved shall resolve it between themselves and, alternatively, before the Reykjavík District Court.

With Regla we emphasize on safe and responsible treatment of all personal information aquired by the company. We feel that it is very important that our customers can rely on us as well as other individuals and companies we have had connections with. Regla ehf (5212080230) is a guarantor of the processing of personal inforation of individuals and contactsw of companies that deal with Regla.

What information is collected?
Regla collects identity information about its customers to ensure access to services and products that the company offers, as well as for sending out information if changes or updates are made to services and products.

When a user logs into Regla he provides personal information (ID number, name and email address) that Regla stores and is responsible for. In order to utilize the services in Regla (Salary System) the user provides information that concerns its employees (such as salary, pension fund, trade union, personnel, bank account, and address). According to the Privacy Act Law, Regla is the processor of this information, however no one can access this information unless the user gives access to it.

When the website of Regla (regla.is) is visited, an IP number is registered and cookies are used. Further information about cookies can be found here. This information is not distributed and used solely by Regla to improve experience and services on the website as well as for marketing purposes. Contact information is also gathered from individuals and companies communicating with Regla. Individuals/Companies can remove themselves from Regla´s mailing list at any given time.

Regla uses information from third parties, given that they are authorized to provide them, such as The National Register of Iceland and RSK (Tax authorities), which are used both for the accounting system and for marketing purposes. Regla is allowed to run impersonal statistics on data on the basis of invoicing, load management and development. Regla does not collect sensitive personal information relating to the lifestyle and origin of an individual. 

The information we collect and store is for the following purposes:

  • In order to provide the requested services and access to the product range of Regla
  • In order to reply to email queries and send out updates, new products, price changes and other information regarding services and products of Regla
  • In order to fulfill our contract with the user of services and goods provided.
  • In order to develop the system and for load control.
  • For invoicing according to accounting laws and requests from public authorities and agencies.
  • In order to compile statistical information for quality and marketing.
  • In order to promote products and services (with approval) 

Disclosure of information: Regla does not provide information to third parties unless licensed or necessary to protect the interests of the company, e.g. fee collection.

Employees of Regla are bound to confidentiality about any data they handle and will not provide information to third parties except against court orders, police or tax investigations. In the accounting system of Regla, it is in the hands of the user to associate themselves with third parties, thereby giving consent for payroll information, invoicing, access for accounting services and accountants.
Regla holds personal information for as long as it is necessary, depending on the purpose for which it was obtained. Individuals are welcome to contact Regla and request that information be deleted, corrected or access the information available. We ensure that requests are processed within 30 days, This depends on the data not being stored for legal purposes. Individuals registered on Regla´s mailing list are free to unsubscribe at any time and can be easily done through the Mailchimp mailer application that Regla uses. If you have any questions, comments or complaints regarding the privacy policy, please contact regla@regla.is.

Gleymsla upplýsinga & réttur einstaklings Regla geymir persónuupplýsingar svo lengi sem nauðsyn ber, eftir því í hvaða tilgangi þeim var aflað. Einstaklingum er velkomið að hafa samband við Reglu og biðja um að upplýsingum sé eytt, þær leiðréttar eða að fá aðgang að þeim upplýsingum sem til staðar eru. Við tryggjum þær beiðnir séu afgreiddar innan 30 daga, Þetta veltur á því að gögnin þurfi ekki að vera geymd í lagalegum eða hagsmuna tilgangi. Einstaklingar skráðir á póstlista Reglu er frjálst að afskrá sig hvenær sem þeim hentar og hægt er að gera það auðveldlega í gegnum póstforritið Mailchimp sem Regla notar við sendingar á Persónuverndarfulltrúi Ef þú hefur einhverjar spurningar, athugasemdir eða kvartanir varðandi persónuverndaryfirlýsingu Reglu þá getur þú haft samband við persónuverndarfulltrúa okkar á regla@regla.is

Regla is a Cloud-based accounting software that does not require any setup. You can login and start booking right away.

With Regla you will simplify your accounts, connect with banks and make electronic transactions a part of your daily routine, saving a lot of time.

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