Ecommerce API.

A direct link from Regla´s sales and inventory system to the ecommerce systems WooCommerce and Shopify. You will simplify your work, all sales transactions are imported into Regla and into the sales and accounting systems in real time, as well as the inventory updates.

Which ones?

It works for both WooCommerce & Shopify


Transactions directly to general ledger from the online shop system.

Inventory & POS

Inventory is updated instantly which helps keep it correct between shops. Possibility to connect to Regla´s POS system.

Other products

It can be useful for you to have the whole accounting system (POS, General Ledger, Salary and more).

Regla is a Cloud-based accounting software that does not require any setup. You can login and start booking right away.

With Regla you will simplify your accounts, connect with banks and make electronic transactions a part of your daily routine, saving a lot of time.

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