Cloud-based accounting system with increased automation. Electronic invoices, automatic bank transactions, dashboards, etc. 
100% cloud solution that works equally well on PC and Apple. You just go to and start working!

Bank transfers

Import entries directly from bank and automatically route them to correct keys

Electronic invoices

Sending & receiving electronic XML invoices (in BII format) from Regla.

General Ledger

GL Accounts can be adjusted or set up as needed, or you can use the preset we provide in the system.

Income statement & Balance Sheet

You can export the income statement and balance sheet either with totals or broken down into categories. You can also adjust the settings on how the reports are displayed.


Powerful drill down functionality for exploring entries of invoices


Possible to scan in attachments and link to entries or periods


Automatic VAT and TAX return reports.


Built in automation functionality greatly reduces workload and the possiblity for errors

Regla is a Cloud-based accounting software that does not require any setup. You can login and start booking right away.

With Regla you will simplify your accounts, connect with banks and make electronic transactions a part of your daily routine, saving a lot of time.

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