You can choose and pay for one or more more units in Regla, just put together a package that is most suitable for you. All prices are excluding VAT: If you are paying from abroad you are exempt from paying VAT. We charge our customers on a monthly basis.

Software unit Starters General Plus charges
Accounting 2.800 ISK
(1-600 transactions)
4.800 ISK
(601-20.000 transactions)
+1.200 ISK
(For each 50.000 transactions)
Sales & inventory 2.800 ISK
(1-60 invoices)
4.800 ISK
(61-5.000 invoices)
+1.200 ISK
(For each 5.000 invoices)
Service system (POS) - 3.200 ISK
(fyrir hvern kassa)
Ecommerce connection - 6.000 ISK
(less than 1000 products)
9.000 ISK
(For 1000+ products)
Salary 2.800 ISK
(1-36 payslips)
4.800 ISK
(37-500 payslips)
+1.200 ISK
(For each 500 payslips)
Project/time management 2.800 ISK
(1-500 transactions)
4.800 ISK
(500-20.000 transactions)
+1.200 ISK
(For each 20.000 transactions)
Subscription system
(FREE for 1-50 subscribers)
2.800 ISK
(51-250 subscribers)
4.800 ISK
(251-3.000 subscribers)
+1.200 ISK
(For each 3.000 subscribers)
Regla Web Service - 2.400 ISK -

  • Transactions are accumulated from the start, so for example if you exceed 20.000 financial transactions in the accounting unit you will pay the additional fee. It will be added again for every 50.000 transactions. (This fee is only added on the first unit to exceed its general transaction limit, so on any following unites we will not add an extra fee).
  • POS system setup is 40.000 ISK + VAT
  • Ecommerce installation 18.000 ISK + VAT
  • All fees are charged on a monthly basis (unless agreed otherwise).
  • All prices are excluding VAT
Electronic invoicing Startup Transaction fee Monthly fee
Sending 4.800* ISK 35 ISK pr. invoice
(or choose monthly fee setup)
1.000 ISK
+ 25 ISK pr. invoice
Receiving 4.800* ISK 35 ISK pr. invoice 3.000 ISK

    * Only one initial charge is required if you wish to both send and receive electronic invoices.

Regla is a Cloud-based accounting software that does not require any setup. You can login and start booking right away.

With Regla you will simplify your accounts, connect with banks and make electronic transactions a part of your daily routine, saving a lot of time.

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